Exterior Maintenance Detail

Exterior wash is a superior 3-bucket system, most detail shops use 2 buckets, but I choose 3 for the extra safety. It is a hand wash with a super plush microfiber mitt. I clean all of the exterior panels scratch-free. I also use paint and clear coat safe products to dissolve away metal particles that are embedded into the wheels of the vehicle, the calipers, and the barrels. This process will not damage the vehicle’s paint. Not only will I clean them, I will protect them.


Exterior polishing Detail


The exterior wash is a detail that I have created to protect all components of the vehicle. Not only will I wash the vehicle, I will also clay it with a clay bar and decontaminate it. Next, I will protect the fender wells, wheels, black trim on the exterior, and also coat the windows. This detail will not have any chemicals harmful to the vehicle’s paint. Finally, I will protect the paint with my paint sealant.


polishing stage detail

My polishing detail includes the features listed above and also completely going over the vehicle and removing minor swirl marks, scratches, and imperfections in the paint. This stage will make the paint appear to have a higher gloss and shine brilliantly. I normally do this for cars that have been maintained very well, or if the customer just would like a refinement detail.

Stage 1


  • Thorough swirl free foam wash and decontamination
  • Wipe down of door jams
  • Cleaning of exterior/interior glass
  • Paint is sealed and protected

Stage 2


  • Stage 1 detail included
  • 2 Stage paint protection
  • Light polishing in areas with stains
  • This stage will protect the paint and maintains a long lasting smooth finish

Stage 3

Stage 1 and Stage 2 detail included

  • 2 Stage Polish: Minor defects and swirls will be removed, resulting in an extremely fluent gloss finish.

2 Stage Paint Correction

This 2 stage paint correction will remove more defects than polishing alone. I will measure the thickness of the clear coat to see how safe it is to work with, and whether or not the vehicle is able to have a 2 stage correction. Some defects may not be able to be fully removed in this stage. Final consultation will be given upon inspection.

3 Stage Paint Protection

The 3 stage correction will remove the deeper defects that the stage 2 detail cannot. I will measure the thickness of the clear coat to see whether or not it is able to have a 3 stage correction. Some defects may not be able to be fully removed in this stage if they are too deep. Final consultation will be given upon inspection.


This interior package includes many extensive techniques to completely restore the interior of a vehicle whether it be a new or old one. Stain removals, odor removal, steam cleaning, vacuuming, and much more. At the very end of the cleaning process, I will coat the interior to protect it from UV damage.

Wheel and
brakes detail

The wheels of the vehicle will be removed from the vehicle. They will be decontaminated and polished. After a thorough deep clean, there will be protection options available. They can be ceramic coated or glass coated. This will greatly reduce the amount of brake dust on the wheel and brakes. They will be very hydrophobic and easy to clean. The brakes will bethoroughly cleaned along with the fender wells. The brakes will also receive the same coating that will go on the wheels. At the end, the wheels will be re-torqued to the required specifications.

engine bay deep clean

This detail will be a SAFE clean on the engine bay. The dirt and grime that is there will be removed. Maintenance will be much easier in the future once this deep clean is performed. It is good to keep this area clean along with the rest of the vehicle. If any issues are present such as leaking oil or fluid, with a clean engine bay, you will be able to tell if there is a fresh leak.

ceramic and
glass coating

 A coating will increase gloss and help protect the vehicle from the harsh elements of everyday life on the road.

Vinyl Wrapping

We are certified installers of vinyl wrap. Come by and see us today!

Before installation:

This image is before the wrap was installed. 3M wrap was installed on this vehicle. 


3M semi-gloss wrap 

Roof wrap installed

This owner was very pleased with the work, no edges! Seamless install.


Our skilled professionals are certified in window tinting. We do not cut on your cars and offer the highest level of service. Along with the best service, our tint quality will not be beaten! We offer the leading brands in window films, along with a lifetime warranty. 


We offer Lifetime warranty films and only the best. 



Whether your choice is Ceramic or Non-Ceramic, we've got you covered!



Our latest Ceramic film offers a lifetime warranty, as well as heat rejection! Beat the heat!


XPEL/SUNTEK Paint Protection Film

We are certified installers of XPEL and Suntek Paint Protection film. Our installers here at Raj's Exotic Detailing have completed and successfully passed the training programs. NEVER worry about rock chips again! For more information on XPEL or Suntek, please visit their websites at:

www.xpel.com and www.suntekfilms.com


XPEl self-healing clear bra

The following BMW received a full front clip clear bra. Vinyl stripes were also installed


Prior to installation:

This image shows the actual clear bra material being installed on the headlight. These headlights will be protected for many years to come. 



The headlights on this Dodge Charger received XPEL. Once installed, you wont even know it is there.